I've had this problem quite a few times throughout my life. Mine were caused by some medical conditions though, so I would recommend going to your doctor if you haven't already.

Two problems for me personally were hormonal imbalance and digestive disorder. No matter how much I ate (and I ate a LOT!) I couldn't gain weight for the life of me. I finally did when I got back on the pill and cut out some foods (gluten, mainly).

I remember one day at work a few years ago - I would eat avocados everyday to get my calories up. Well, they are messy so I had to wash my hands after I ate everyday. Someone came up to me one day and said someone had expressed their concern to them that I might be bulimic. I was like.. I'm bulimic because I have good hygiene??? Are you kidding me? You just have to laugh it off..
2c-3a - med-coarse - normal-high porosity - high density

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: glycerin in high/low dews, polyquat-10 & 11, parabens

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