I find that sometimes when I'm feeling bad, if I just let myself sulk and wallow, especially if I can spend time disconnected from the world (i.e., reading in bed with the dogs), I either get over it, or start to find my own misery funny enough that it fades.

But whatever works for you, of course.
On a different note, I wish my arms were slim. I also wish that Zappos sold everything I want — it's just that wonderful.

Lastly, I'm delighted to be writing about a rodeo involving big machinery instead of animals. It's just so peculiar and funny and male, although there was some kind of librarian performance with book carts which I recently saw online, wherein the women all dressed as Valkyries, so perhaps it isn't just a male urge, this wish to publicly display your skills, no matter how obscure.


I also wonder why my dogs have that small extra gusset in their ears.




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