Well I was almost tempted to reach for the shampoo today. My hair was feeling pretty yucky by the end of the day yesterday. I was reading up on different protein treatments and read a bunch of threads. I had the idea of doing a "water wash" this morning after reading about it.

So that's what I did. Just massaged my scalp with my finger tips and washed with water. When I got out of the shower I plopped with a tshirt. I notice that most people plop after putting in their hair products. I tried that yesterday, but I didn't like it at all. I may try it again, but I prefer to put products in after plopping. I plopped while I ate breakfast, dressed & did makeup.

After unplopping, I sprayed hair with my homebrew leave in conditioner (Sauve Naturals & water mixed in a spray bottle), & used some FSG.

I'll post a picture once I'm all dry.
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