What a pain in the butt!! Since the 70's or 80's our high school band has sold oranges, around the holidays, for fund raising. It's always been their thing, and a fantastic way for them to make money. Now they have the elementary school bands selling oranges at the exact same time, which sucks. Both of my co workers daughters are selling them, or I should say she sells them for her daughters. She disappeared for 4 hors today while she visited every county employee. I wish the elementary schools would use their brains and come up with something different. I miss the candy bar fundraisers. Those things were so good, and people bought the crap out of them. It's always what we did in chorus. That stopped after all the peanut allergy isht.

** the smallest box they sell is 20lbs, so now I have 40lbs of oranges headed my way. Wtf am I going to do with 40lbs of oranges? Making Potpourri is not an option. One kid needs money for competitions and the other had to sell so many to get a jacket and was only 1 box shy.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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