My friend is driving me batty. Completely effing batty. As he says, "damn gay drama". He has been saying for months that he thinks something is not quite right with the guy he is seeing. I have been telling him that from the get go but if course he gets defensive when I say it. Anyway, I mentioned the picture he saw on Craigs List that he thought was this guy he is not officially dating. It wasn't, but he still had the feeling this guy was not being honest. (He constantly gives him this Asexual / Oh I am so monogamous and can only date one person at a time routine) Again, I've been telling him this guy was full of it since he told me about him. So, he finds a private profile on some hook up site, has a feeling it's his friend so as soon as he walks into my house he gets on his lap top and has stayed there for 2 f**king hours. He created a fake profile and hit his friend up, and he accepted and agreed to meet him in an hour, and then my friend pulls a very mean boy trick I won't mention here to scare him away from the site. I'm sitting here asking him how he always gets into this drama. The one guy he almost ran off to Florida with... He had a gut feeling that he shouldn't trust him so he started driving 35 min to his house, cutting the headlights off, and watching his house. Of course the guy was cheating. He already knew this. The next guy he falls in love with is a Catfish and he has to go through all this fake interweb drama before he believes and trusts his instinct. Same thing this time. Cut this isht out. Listen to yourself and let it go. I've had those feelings. I have known someone was cheating, getting ready to break up with me, not being honest about who they are. I feel no need to stoop to their level for "validation of my instincts". The truth will come out, eventually. It always does.

Besides... They are not even in a relationship. The guy is a complete fake, but... All this snooping and game playing is just too much trouble, imo.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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