This CG junk is crazy. I'm about ready to throw in the towel. I keep reading all kinds of conflicting information that my head is spinning. One thing I know for sure is that silicones are bad and sulfates are harsh.

So far my hair cannot handle this cowashing business & all these oils. I haven't used a shampoo since Sunday. I'm trying to give it a chance tho..

I did the protein thing from IAGirl's Sciency Blog. My hair is all plopped up right now. I am planning to go to bed like this. I did a cowash after I rinsed the stuff out or was it just a rinse out conditioning? ugh. Will see what it's like in the morning.

I think I need to make more Flax Seed Gel without or less oil in it & make more curl refresher with less oil too.

I know one thing. I'm not spending a penny more on this business until I run out of something! lol
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