Right now, I think my hair loves protein. I love what it did for my hair! It doesn't feel lifeless and flat and greasy anymore. I did IAGirl's protein treatment last night & cowashed with Loreal's Evercurl Cleansing Condition last night. I didn't read the directions where it said to use 8-10 pumps! eek. So I only used a few pumps last night.

This morning I used quite a bit more of it and it worked much better! I didn't use anything else for fear of more lifeless/greasy hair. And I used some FSG very sparingly. Hair looks great!!!

Also another big plus, is that this morning I barely had any hairball in the drain!! WOOT! That's the whole reason I started this journey! I had a hairball big enough to clog the drain.
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PT: IAGirl's Protein Treatment