I hope you both can get to where you want to be. It was annoying when everyone was telling me, "I wish I had your problem." And I'm just like, "No, trust me, you don't." I think it's much harder to try and gain weight than it is to try and lose it. It's a difficult situation to be in, for sure.
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I agree!! And I hate it when people tell me that I look like a "stick" or a "twig". I think it's very rude...It's just as hurtful as calling someone fat.

I wish society could just accept the fact that everybody has a unique body and there is no "perfect" body type. For example, by ex boyfriend used to complain that I didn't have enough curves and he preferred curvier body types. It drove me nuts because I used to try so hard to gain weight so I could feel more accepted by him but I would always get frustrated with myself since I couldn't gain anything. I used to feel like I was inferior since I didn't have a perfect body with big boobs and a big butt.

I realized that if he can't like my outside, he probably won't like whats on the inside so I moved on.... and for other reasons as well.

But sometimes I wish people could just be more accepting in our differences. Like I have a friend who isn't overweight by any means, but she makes snarky comments regarding my weight. She says things like I need to eat more or that I am too skinny. She makes assumptions about me, like I am scared to get fat. I just brush it off, but it gets annoying. It's not her place to make those kinds of judgments.

I do know that I need to gain a few pounds for my health. I know gaining weight won't stop people's criticism or judgement. So that is why I am doing it only for me and my health.
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