I work really hard at being thankful. I begin and end my day listing the things I'm grateful for. I find it really helps me to stay positive and in the right frame of mind. The last few days I've just been in a funk. I think I get ahead of it then it sneaks up and bites me in the a** again.

I don't like being this person. I need to figure a way out of this funk. I'm heading to yoga tonight, I'm sure that will help a bit.

I'm pretty sure I know the source, so that (theoretically) helps, too.

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It can really help when you take the focus off yourself and just do something totally selfless and generous for someone else, despite how awful you feel. (It really works.) It seems the worse you feel initially, the better you end up feeling afterward! Maybe order dinner for some homeless people or spend the evening watching tv w/ an elderly person who is totally alone. Or buy a really nice toy for a little kid whose family doesn't have much money. I think it will make you feel a lot better!