I had an ex boyfriend who was the opposite. I managed somehow to gain some weight and be at 137 lbs and I was most comfortable at that weight. Then he started saying I was too curvy, that he didn't like girls with big butts and boobs, he wanted me petite. So like an idiot, I lost the weight and to this day I cannot gain it back. I regret feeling pressured to please someone else, even if I did love him, I sacrificed feeling comfortable in my own skin because he said I weighed too much for him. It wasn't my fault he only weighed 145 lbs.
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I've learned that you can't please everyone. And when it comes to someone like a boyfriend, I feel like they can GTFO if they have an issue with something like my body. If they want to be my boyfriend, they are going to have to accept me for who I am instead of trying to change me into what THEY want. That is just how I feel about it.
2a/2b, Medium Porosity, Medium Density, Lower Back Length, Growing out highlights.
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“Imperfection is beauty.”
― Marilyn Monroe