I had an ex boyfriend who was the opposite. I managed somehow to gain some weight and be at 137 lbs and I was most comfortable at that weight. Then he started saying I was too curvy, that he didn't like girls with big butts and boobs, he wanted me petite. So like an idiot, I lost the weight and to this day I cannot gain it back. I regret feeling pressured to please someone else, even if I did love him, I sacrificed feeling comfortable in my own skin because he said I weighed too much for him. It wasn't my fault he only weighed 145 lbs.
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I know this well! I had a boyfriend very briefly who had an issue with my weight. Since I got back on the pill, I've done nothing but gain weight (I'm currently about 20lbs over where I should be). I'm finally starting to lose it with a diet for some other issues I'm having. Anyhow... he claimed I was "the one" after A MONTH! But he didn't like the way I looked, he said a girl "couldn't to be too skinny". I highly disagree. And knowing where I came from and that I was looking healthy at the time I was dating this chump, I was just like... you know what... this isn't going to work. I had to wear my hair straight for him, always had to wear makeup, he pushed me to work out (I was doing fine by myself, thanks), and I couldn't wear yoga pants in public. He complained all the time that his dad was controlling with his mom, and I told him you're exactly like your dad!! If anybody is going to dictate my life, it surely isn't you, mister!! I couldn't believe this guy!!

After that I got back with my current bf who loved me really underweight and loves me a little overweight. Makes me love him just that much more! Shallow people are so irritating.
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