Hello everyone...I'm new to CG, although I have been transitioning for 7months, I just did my BC two days ago. I really wanted to transition for a year but I couldn't just keep my hands off my hair..lol, guess I was too eager to see the natural hair growth.
Anyways I wanted to ask, cos I did some research before deciding to go natural and I started doing protective styles whilst transitioning, but I noticed that when I use cantu shea leave-in conditioner I get like white residues on my hair. I was thinking if its dandruffs cos I do have them when I was fully on texturized hair or could it be the leave-in conditioner I use?
I'm still im the process of learning my hair and the products that would suit it and I think I'm between a 4b or 4c; not sure of mi hair type yet. so I'm glad I found this forum and hope to get a lot from here as well as give advice too from the experience I gain.

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