When do you put the conditioner on to your hair? Is it wet or damp? Do you put other products on at the same time?

If you use them on wet or damp hair it's possible some of the ingredients are reacting with water. Alternatively it could be reacting with other products you use at the same time. Both cna cause it to dry leaving white flakes.

If you are using other products it's a good idea to do a little test. Line each of your products up with their lids off, take a small amount of the first product with a finger of your right hand and put it on the top of your left palm*, then do it with the next product putting it under the first on your left palm and so on. Then rub your palms together. If the mixture goes white either when it's wet or dry then it will go white in your hair.

*If you are left handed to it the other way round for ease.