I nanny a 2 year old biracial girl. She rocks a darling baby afro with all the challenges that come along with being both Caucasian and African-American. We were at the grocery store last week when I stopped to fix the clip in her out-of-control mane. As I was struggling to free the tangled clippie, a pair of older female employees passed and remarked, "Poor thing must've gotten her daddy's hair!"
(Side note: I have a fairly unruly head of 3a/b/occasionally c hair of my own that had been flatironed the day before)
I'm frequently assumed to be the little one's mother when we go places; that doesn't bother me. What bothered me was the fact that someone looked at my (the presumed mother's) semi-straight, "typical" Caucasian hair and pitied the little one for inheriting her kinky hair from her non-Caucasian father.
Although it would probably still annoy me if I had straight hair, I felt a special kind of spite for these ignorant employees and a society that praises the all-American straight head of hair and looks down upon natural, textured African-American hair.*

*I'm obviously aware that any race can have kinky/curly hair, but the social idea that textured hair is unprofessional/second rate/not as pretty is especially aimed towards people of color
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I got one other thing to say to those who say straight hair is better. "I wish I were just like you!" NOT!
2B always with potential of white man's fro


"Curls aren't just for girls"