I've used it on my face and my hair. It works. My daughter has used it on some horrible scars she has (dog attack) and it has diminished and softened many of them.
I've only tried one brand that came from Montreal (Emu Dundee Original).
I think it resembles the other oils we all use, Argan, Baobab, Jojoba, etc.
3A,norm por,fine,norm elasticity
Routine now is Jessicurl Cream Wash, Too Shea (also as a LI), Rocking Ringlets and Confident Curls (Really love this line!) Using Jane Carter Nourish and Shine Pomade as a sealer (great stuff)!!.
Sleep overnight in CJ Repair Me & Deep Fix for deep conditioning. Also, I like the CJ Honey Butta as a LI/styler.

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