Every single time someone says Christmas I think - I need to put up my tree. I would like to get it up before my youngest nephews come over for Thanksgiving, but I doubt it will happen. I'm going to be too busy with cleaning before everyone gets here. I need to do a major overhaul.

Well, the B-Effing-F is coming back over tomorrow. He promised there would be no interwebs boy drama this time. He's lost it. He has spent the last 2 nights with him, his feelings are getting stronger, he thinks the guys suspects the fake profile was him and he's opening up more, my friend feels like the tables have turned and he is in control now, blah blah. He got caught in a Asexual/Pansexual/I'malittleteapot lie. He's telling him that he has trust issues, and can not easily open up. I had to remind him there is a difference in not being able to easily open up and asking someone to watch a documentary on Asexuality so they understand you better (when he clearly does not understand it), telling them that you can only date/be involved with one person at a time and promising that you would make them aware if that changed, while getting on line and looking for booty.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??