I relate to her insofar as I'm also biracial with more of a white phenotype. But based on my own experience w/people's reactions, she's wrong ... black people understand what they're saying when they tell her she "doesn't understand the black struggle". She probably has no basis for whining about that. We don't understand - not the way mono-racially, or mostly black, people understand that black struggle on the daily. Whether she sees it or not, I highly, highly doubt ppl who look like her (or me) get the same level of BS from whites. I have half-sibs who are fully black. A cop pulls them over just for being black, just for being "brown". If I'm going twice the speed limit in a school crossing zone, I don't get pulled over, or if I get pulled over I fake a tear and the officer falls all over himself to make sure I'm OK, then let's me go w/a warning to feel better.

At the same time, I do acknowledge that people like her/me do have our own unique struggles that can't be fully grasped by any mono-racial group. That said, our struggle is different, not harder, than mono-racial black people IMO. Definitely not harder IMO, and probably much easier, the whiter the person is or looks. And yeah, like her, there are times when I've felt on the outskirts of various racial groups. That is a PIA sometimes. Humans all struggle somehow though. ... But anyway, she would do well to feel a sense of pride in her hair, whatever anyone of any group says about it. Just choose folks from all backgrounds that don't bash your hair lol
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I have not made of my mind about this chick. She says she wrote an article about how she hates being mixed because of her hair.

As far as "struggle" I don't think it is as neatly packaged. You don't have to be mixed to be rejected by the "black community". I identify as black but I often feel like I'm on the outskirts because I don't act, look, talk in a way some black people feel I should. I was called a "house n" recently.
I think in this day and age what people get away with has to do with who you know. Where I live the "good ole boy system" rules. People who have money and connections get away with most stuff. I have been pulled over but knock on wood only received a ticket once and that got fixed. It is a better advantage to be a minority with connections than be white, poor and know no one in authority. One of my friend's is half white and half Asian but looks more white and she never gets off without a ticket. One more and she will lose her license. But I think she argues with the cop. She doesn't know how to be "sweet", look very pitiful and apologize.
I'm also willing to admit that being a minority woman is easier than being a minority male because people are less threatend. I think if you looked pretty much the same but were a guy you likely would have received a ticket. Two of my mom's brothers are light to the point of being at times mistaken for white. I don't think it gave them advantage when they were young and broke. But now having money does. Both of them are or have used their influence to get their kids out of trouble.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.