Thanks for the replies…the info is really helpful.

Most times my hair is wet after a cowash when I apply the leave-in conditioner, and i usually mix it with just essential oils. I only use other products on subsequent days when I have to moisturise my hair daily.
I will definitely do the test to see if the mixture turns white on my palms.

I could change my conditioner but i wouldn't know what else to go for, I live in the UK and most products I have heard of are mostly sold in the US and I have no idea what else to use that is easily accessible here
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Maybe you can just leave a bit of your normal conditioner in your hair? That's what I've been doing recently and there's a great improvement in the amount of frizz I get. It also eliminates needing leave-in most times though I do add my oils afterwards. I have the Cantu leave-in as well and it takes forever to dry and leaves white residue. I still use it on a weekend when I'm not going anywhere but that's one product I won't be re-purchasing.