Her hair doesn't really look "black", especially considering that she brushed it to make it look that way. But I guess it depends where you live and who you are around. It seems that the problem is with her family. I guess her hair reminds them of their African ancestry, which I find strange since it is obvious most Dominicans and Puerto Ricans are mixed with African, Spanish and sometimes Native American. And many who are predominantly white do have the same type of hair as she does.

ADThomas - I do agree with you about it is easier to be a minority woman than man when it comes to being stopped by the police. I also agree about money gaining you respect with the police, regardless of race.

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I suspect she may be a drama queen. There is a range of people in PR and DR. If there weren't people would always ask me if I'm from there. Honestly I can tell she has some West African ancestry even if she was bald. She looks like a lot of people I see in New Orleans.

In my job I sometimes have to knock on doors. White people open for me all smiles but my black male coworker told me not for him. One lady opened without checking then saw him, screamed. Slammed the door and threatened to call cops.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.