I have to vent for a minute. Never, in the 20+ years that we have been friends have I felt such a need to take a long break from my bestie. I can't even be around him without rolling my eyes and getting pissed off. He does nothing but whine and make horrible decisions and whine some more. He doesn't want to talk about anything but woe is him. I know he is struggling with depression again, and I do not want to seem like a complete b**ch (though I can be to him with out hard feelings), but do something or stfu because you are becoming impossible to be around. He goes on and on about his depression and when you suggest he go back on his meds he says he can't take depression meds with his Maxault. Then he says he wouldn't take them if he could. So I suggest yoga. I'm all for options other than meds (but I'm telling you, he needs to get back on them. It's... long story but I have good reason for saying it). He took it for quite some time, loved it, and felt fantastic. He needs to do something other than lay in the bed all day, but he comes up with an excuse or dodges that subject. He talks about how he can't eat and has no energy because of his Topamax. He is weening off it, of course much more rapidly than the doc ordered. He eats like a pig at my house, because someone is cooking for him and he won't get up himself and do f**k all. He quit his job, saved up before hand, looked forward to a break, and has panicked the whole time. He started picking up shifts 2 weeks into his break, but he whines about having to work one day a week. That's all I heard tonight. "Ugh, I don't want to work tomorrow. I'm so over it." WTF DO YOU WANT? God I wish he would figure it out, quietly. And the isht with this guy. I want him to love me. He knows it's not going to happen, but it's another way to pursue someone unavailable and throw himself further into depression, which is what he does. To top it all off he is hanging out with his ex (just friends now) who is now an addict and prone to breakdowns. He called him a few months ago, told him he knew he was part of a plot against him, and made threats to comes to his house with a knife and slash his tires. He was convinced several people hacked into his computer and were toying with him/plotting against him. Now that my friend is having depression problems, paranoia comes more easily. He believed him, and he now believes his roommate is spying on all of his online activities. *His roommate is IT and does have software to log in and see what everyone has been viewing when he visits clients. Pretty damn standard in his line of work, but you can't tell him that. It's all about him* It is because of an email error message. Yeah, not a healthy friendship. I am just frustrated. He talks, wants feedback, and argues against every option... As usual. I am so sick of it.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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