^ Of course I still love the dumb a**. I would not get up this early on my day off for someone I didn't. Plus I need a moment to drink my coffee before he gets up and mopes.

I read some comments from people on a depression support group last night. I was actually looking for something else and got side tracked. After growing up with a father who had depression, PTSD, diabetes, (as if the rest isn't bad enough), major anxiety and various other problems resulting from a very abusive childhood... I know how tired of it you get. I loved him, I completely understood him (why he was how he was), but he could be unbearable. It took many years to get him to do anything other than pop anti anxiety meds, and there was a great deal of trial after he agreed to talk to someone and try treatment. If you know Nam vets, talking is a feat in its own. Anyway, as I said I agreed with a lot of what they felt (which is hard to talk about w/o being jumped on by someone who has not a clue what the other side is like) until they all started talking about their suicidal urges. Nope. Please go talk to someone yourself :-/ I just want him to do something. Anything. As I said I have been friends with him for 20+ years. This is the most impossible he has ever been and it's been going on for some time and getting worse. I want to scream at him, but it does no good. You can't get through.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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