People who have never actually HAD a child who try to give advice on how to do things. You can't possibly understand so don't think you know so much! Wait until you have a little one running around, then you'll start to get it!

People who purposely go outside of their apartment, especially at night, on their cellphones and talk on speaker phone as loud as possible. We know you're trying to get attention and its making you look STUPID. Also it's VERY annoying! Stop it!!

Guys who see you walking somewhere every single day and who are obviously attracted to you, and stare at you until you're uncomfortable, and yet never say so much as hello. I'm not an object or a thing, I'm actually a person and I can SEE you doing it and its annoying as hell.

When you're at a stop light and the light is red you absolutely CAN make a right hand turn! Unless there's a sign that says otherwise. Seriously, all of us behind you are wanting to go so stop being so scared
People who drive trucks, or large vehicles who slow down to 2 mph for tiny little bumps or potholes in the road. Really? You think that little thing is actually going to mess up your truck? Your truck is made for going over that ****!

People who just stare at you or watch your every move, and it's not like they're checking you out or wanting to start up a conversation. They're just simply being rude.