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Thank you, Rou. I tried to talk to my friend this morning and he interrupted me every single time I opened my mouth. He has no clue he is even doing it. He is like a hamster in a wheel. Just stuck in his head, going in circles, and has been for a year straight. I sent him a text later, because it's the only way I can say what I need to say. He had no clue what I was talking about. He tells me about suicidal thoughts every other week. He has done that as a morbid jokes in the past. Telling me he was cutting his wrists in the bathtub, when he didn't have a bathtub. This time he is serious. Constant panic attacks. Obsessing about and being depressed over dreams for days, and some other stuff he told me that really threw me for a loop. He's a bit delusional. I know when he is having a moment, and when he needs help. He needs help, can openly talk about his depression and thoughts of killing himself, but can not see he needs help. I guess he's coming back over tonight. I was not planning on it and really don't want him to but... I'd really like to have a good night.

What is wrong with parents? The past 3 times I have gone somewhere I have ended up behind a mother who is turning around in her seat, watching the kids rather than the road. Swerving from lane to lane... My friend would do that and drive me crazy! Um, bridge! Watch the road! Idc if they are yelling at each other. Tell them to shut up while looking forward. They are not going to kill each other, you might kill them though. *Meanwhile they are both strapped in car seats and can't even reach each other. Crazy things. They were adorable balls of toddler chaos.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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