Hi! I'm fairly new here, but not new to the board. been checking out naturallycurly and curl talk since the start of my healthy/natural hair journey 3 years ago. i'm 18, my hair is fine, high porosity and mostly 4a (possibly with a 3c canopy and 4b at my temple area). the things i learned here really helped me take my hair's health into consideration. been natural my whole life, but was addicted to flat ironing for 6 years. i was ready to give it up in 2010 when i saw how much breakage i was experiencing, and this site really steered me in the right direction.

lurking on here has taught me that my natural hair can be both manageable and beautiful. it's kind of sad knowing how my insecurities were amplified by this society in which Eurocentric ideas of beauty dominate. happy that i broke out of that slave mentality, ditched the hair grease, learned proper hair care techniques and i'm so proud of how my hair looks now. i've got natural sheen, defined coils and curls (who knew?!), and the "black females can't grow their hair long" myth is dismissed in my mind.

i'm currently shoulder blade length (some areas grazing BSL). this october made it a full 3 years since my healthy hair journey started. goals for the upcoming year is to take protective styling very seriously (i love wearing my hair down and loose waaaaaaaaaaay too much considering how fragile my hair is) and hopefully reach MBL by November 2014.

glad to be part of this community!