Welcome back

Toasted bagel and a glass of wine for dinner.

I have house guests coming this weekend, and a Christmas party Saturday night. I should be cleaning the house, but thinking a bath and bed would be better. I can do it all in two nights, right?
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It will have to do, and I will soon be in the same boat. I did clean for 2 days, and kept it in order today, but after I go back to work no one will know. I will then have 2 days to get the house ready for several guests.

That does sound like a promising opportunity, Claudine.

At least my friend changed his mind and went home tonight. I hate to say that, but I can't listen to the exact same stories for 5 nights in a row. He keeps forgetting he has already told me, was here when part of it happened, or on the phone with me when another part happened. I am well aware of it and the strange dream about Mobsters of old which has him so torn up, for reasons I can not understand. I'm quite sure no one in a pin stripe suit and wing tips is coming to collect money and really can not fathom why he has hung on to it (for over a week) and let it shake him so deeply. And this is coming from a person who does believe dreams can tell you things, or simply be inspired by a movie, or just be weird and pointless.'Anywho, I have to cook tomorrow and I hope clean a little more tomorrow night. I need to get the guest room closet in order. It will be a bit easier to motivate without company.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??