I think it may be one of those days...
my boss is currently pouting bc the woman he is planning the holiday party with is not doing whatever he says.
he's going on about how he refuses to do anything for it this year (except make the 5 extra centerpieces that are needed, of course, and decorate, but he will NOT have time to do the skit this year)

i hate the skits
Edited to delete some details bc i really am that paranoid

he's being a real jerk
and it's carrying over into the work stuff, he's telling me (barking, actually, which is unusual for him) to do things that were the way we did them years ago and we've since changed our policy on things. it's like he forgets

then "well you're being unreasonable"
(because I tell him I have to do things the way our process dictates)

yes. one of those days.
coworker has gone down to cafeteria and i'll soon be drowning my frustration with a nice toasted bagel
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