I'm sticking with my staple list products and looking for good discounts like 30% off with free shipping
Curl Junkie

Would love to try some smaller business natural product hair and support them. I've watched reviews on YouTube to find what my hair loves already
Honey Chile Hair Love
Ynobe Shop
CC naturals
Current Staples for 3b/3c, normal porosity hair:
Cleansers- CJ Daily Fix, DE Coconut Milk
Detanglers-DE Coconut Milk, TJ Nourish Spa
Moisturizers-Oyin Hair Dew, CR Curlaide Butter
Oils- Jojoba, Coconut, Castor alternate use
Deep Cond- CJ Rehab, CJ Repair Me
Gels- KCCC, CJ Curl Queen, Aloe Vera Gel
Love my natural curly / coily hair!