Greetings from the deep south. I'm from Louisiana and about 60 miles from New Orleans. I've been wearing my curls for nearly 43 years now. If you can imagine living in the deep south and all the humidity (even in winter) my curls have presented challenges for many years. I can say I have learned what works best for me now; however, I can hardly contain my excitement over finding your site. It thrills me to be able to connect with others who may have the same challenges and may have found other ways around them. Of course, I'm always willing to try something new and most especially if the something new is less expensive than what I'm currently trying. I'm a 3b though one of my largest challenges is very thin curls. In 2011, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and the variety of treatments and medications I've had to take have truly caused lots of curl loss. So I'm always looking for volumizing as well as defrizzing only times my hair has been straightened is when I've gone to a salon. It appears I'm not skilled at straightening it and the minute the humidity hits it I have curls. Only if I've tried to straighten it they are a frizzy dry mess. So I do not even try. When having my hair shaped or cut in a salon, I have my stylist straighten the curls for a new look for my husband for the night while the rest of the time everyone including my husband are simply used to the curls.