I will go first

Hello, my name is Mara

  1. Curl type:
    I should think 3b-3c. I've always stretched my hair, all my life. Always brushed the curls out after shampooing and then stretched them out by using bantu-knots and bunning.
    Recently I've been relaxing my hair. And even though I am not sure if this is it's exact true nature or if the curls have been loosened, but it still curls when I soak it in water. Anyway the last relaxer application has caused me a lot of damage. So I'm hoping to transition back to natural while I grow my hair out.
  2. Strand thickness:
  3. Porosity:
    Highly porous. Even more so now, after my relaxer damage. Can't keep moisture into my hair even after re-sealing twice with the LOC method. But I'm experimenting to find ways to keep my hair moisturized for longer periods of time
  4. Current length (including a photo if possible):
    Bra strap length when straightened with a relaxer. Here is my starting photo. As you can see, the ends are damaged. But I'm not giving up on them yet.

  5. The length I aim for:
    Hip length, while curly I wonder if my genes will allow it
  6. The challenge rules that I commit to.
    Basically all of them:
    1. A healthy diet with lots of water
    2. No or minimal heat styling (at most once a month)
      I will omit heat altogether except for using a final rinse with warm water (because it prevents my hair from becoming hard and crunchy when it air dries) and occasionally using a blow dryer when my hair is contained in a plastic bag and I am doing a deep treatment. So no direct blow drying and no flat ironing or curl ironing.
    3. No harsh chemical treatments (relaxer overlap, overlapping color treatments or color with perm, etc)
      I plan to transition to natural hair but I might opt to texlax my new growth if i fail to manage it. I hope that I won't be forced to do that so as to avoid re-damaging my new growth.
    4. No excessive hair trimming (at most 3 times per year)
      I am inclined to trim the final few inches of my hair before I start the challenge because they are badly damaged. But I will defer this until all the methods I intend to try to fix them have failed. But otherwise I will not trim my hair for no good/pressing reason.
    5. No fine-toothed combs or brushes
    6. Low manipulation as much as possible

  7. Other techniques I intend to use for hair growth and retention:
    • Protective styling: I will flat-braid my hair and keep it in braids for at least 2 weeks. Then take it out for at most 3 days before I return to the braids.
    • Co-washing mainly, but I might need to clarify about once every 2 month or so, depending on the buildup I get.
    • Regular scalp massage with a mixture of rosemary oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil and castor oil. About 4 times/week.
    • Supplements: biotin. I have just started it 2 days ago. If it does not cause my face to break out, I will continue to use it and see what results I will get.
  8. Techniques and products you will use to keep your hair strong and moisturized.
    I am still experimenting but here is what I do currently:
    • DC: with coconut oil mainly, mixed with any moisturizing treatment, once weekly
    • PT: I will try to pick up from: Organics hair mayonnaise, Vitale hair mayonnaise, and home-made gelatin treatments.
    • Leave in product: Oriflame nature secrets conditioner for dry and damaged Hair
    • LOC method with Dabur Vatika enriched coconut hair oil and raw shea butter

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