I am a strong believer in correcting mistakes when and where they are made. Yes, I spank my son. No not for everything but I do spank him and I never regret it. If he does something that he has never done I show him the correct way and I let him know that this is dangerous or unacceptable. I may have to show him 2 or 3 times but he is very smart and knows what we approve or disapprove of and when the time comes I will get "the rod". If he does something that is potentially life threatening or disrespectful in any way I sometimes will swat his bottom to get his attention immediately and I always ecplain to him why he is getting a spanking or can't go outside and I make him tell me why he is in trouble so that I know he understands. My son does not talk back, does not hit me or other people, he is mannerable and can tell when other children are displaying inappropriate behavior. He plays like a normal child, cries like a normal child and gets into things like a normal child. He is never scared to test us and I am in love with him and his personality. ok. why am I rambling?
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Me @ 6 mos. looking just like my son