Post your before & After CG pics-img_3539.jpg

After last regular wash w/leave in & gel:
Post your before & After CG pics-img_5602.jpgAttachment 40277

4 days in, after first no-poo:
Post your before & After CG pics-img_5622.jpgAttachment 40278

I have a devacut scheduled in 2 days- I am really looking forward to it!
3A, medium, normal, lots of hair!
Low poo: AO Honeysuckle Rose Shampoo
No poo: Whatever Giovanni conditioner is on sale
Rinse out: Aubrey GPB or Honeysuckle Rose conditioner
Leave in: AO White Camilla conditioner or Beautiful Curls babies & up leave-in & detangler
Gel: KCCC, LA looks sport, or Aubrey B5 design gel
2nd & 3rd day reviver: 1/3 AO White Camilla conditioner & 2/3 water mixed in a spray bottle then sprayed into my hands and scrunch-held for a few seconds

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