Curl type: 3C/4A; Strand thickness: Fine; Porosity: Low to medium (I think)
Current length (including a photo if possible): layered- longest almost reach collarbone, shortest in front reach tip of nose
The length I aim for: long enough for a curly pony or MBL, whichever comes first
The challenge rules that I commit to:
Healthy diet with lots of water (already doing)
No or minimal heat styling (at most once a month)
Low manipulation as much as possible
No fine tooth combs/brushes

Other techniques I intend to use for hair growth and retention.
Protective styling: will be experimenting with different styles and start stretching my normal wash and go’s past 3 days (accept bigger, less defined hair). Most likely protective styles: roller/perm rod sets, finger coils, braid outs (will see how today’s first attempt goes), mini twists, and bunning as hair gets longer.
No poo/low poo/co-washing
Wrap hair in a scarf or secure hair in some way at night instead of leaving it loose; already use a satin pillowcase
An opposite of one of the main rules: trimming (i.e.1/8-1/4’ off) my ends more often. My relaxed hair needed trims every 4-8 weeks for maximal growth/health; I’ve been on a schedule of 16 week intervals since last December. I noticed today that the 7 inches I had at the beginning of October was only 6.25 after not touching/redoing my hair as often in an attempt to retain length, and no trim due ‘til December. =(

Techniques and products you will use to keep your hair strong and moisturized.
DC (what with? How often?) ORS replenishing pac/conditioner or possible homemades
Leave in product Cantu Shea Butter Leave in conditioning repair cream
LOC method? Leave-in, styler, oil (flaxseed unless I try something new that I like)
Others:continued use of aloe vera juice in regimen, and pre-poo’s with coconut oil and/or hot oils overnight at least 2 times a month.
3C/4A Fine texture, low porosity, low/medium density? Trying CG since Dec. 2013
Shampoo: Curl's Creamy Curl Cleanser or clarifying shampoo when needed.
Co-wash: Curl's coconut curlada
Deep Condition: Experimenting in the kitchen
oil: flaxseed and coconut for treatments
Styler: Tresemme conditioner, alone or mixed together with aloe vera gel
Sealer: aloe vera juice