Thanks for posting those Ladyaggie. Unfortunately, it's hard to tell what your natural curl pattern is while it's transitioning (the curl pattern is usually somewhat stretched out and interrupted by the pattern of the processed hair), and also it's harder to tell when it's wet.

But you know, those first pics of you (post-BC) really showcase your beautiful hair, and it looks tons healthier after your BC. Very nice indeed. ... So yeah, at least in my opinion, it would be easiest to type your hair in its dry state, the way it is now, w/good lighting and in close-up pics.

You may also want to do a search at this site for info on "hair properties" if you haven't already, in terms of trying different products that might work for you It could help to hang out in the 4 and 3 forums too (as well as other forums of course).
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Thank you so much

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