Fun!! Quick question... Does diffusing count?

Curl type: 2a/b
Strand thickness: medium fine
Porosity: med to high... probably just medium since my last cut
Current length (including a photo if possible): just above shoulders (pic at the end)
The length I aim for: BSL... dunno if it's possible in a year
The challenge rules that I commit to:
1. Make sure you take a healthy diet with lots of water
2. No or minimal heat styling (at most once a month)
3. No harsh chemical treatments (relaxer overlap, overlapping color treatments or color with perm, etc)
4. No excessive hair trimming (at most 3 times per year)
5. No fine-toothed combs or brushes
6. Low manipulation as much as possible

Other techniques I intend to use for hair growth and retention. For example:
Protective styling: braiding, bunning, etc
No poo/low poo/co-washing
Regular scalp massage (Jessicurl oil)
Vitamins and supplements (already take GNC Ultra Nourish Hair)
Techniques and products you will use to keep your hair strong and moisturized. For example:
DC (CJ Rehab--as needed)
PT (CJ repair me-- at least weekly)
Leave in product

Current length:
2A/B. Mix of fine, medium, and coarse (mostly medium). Dense. Mix of normal and high porosity.
Dry climate.