Everybody who joins the challenge should state the following: (just answer as many as you can )

Curl type: 2c, 3a, 3b
Strand thickness: Coarse
Porosity: High
Current length (including a photo if possible): just kissing shoulders
The length I aim for: as long as possible whether it APL or BSL etc.
The challenge rules that I commit to:
1. Clean Eating
2. Not using heat at all. (why start now, don't you dare use the diffuser)
3.No chemical treatments etc.
4.No crazy hair cutting (twice a year max; as you notice your hair needs it)
5.No combs or brushes!! (Amber Brown status; your only comb=hand)
6.Little manipulating (need to work on this I love to touch it )

Other techniques I intend to use for hair growth and retention. For example:
Protective styling: braiding, bunning, etc
Technique:Low-poo once a week max; w/ CO or WO methods otherwise
Regular scalp massage (in shower and when DT)
Vitamins and supplements (multi and hair supplement but may quit the fakeness altogether in swap for an awesome diet)
Other techniques:
The original no poo
Ignorance method (your a kid)
Techniques and products you will use to keep your hair strong and moisturized. For example:
DC (SM, or homemade once a week is preferred but once or twice a month atleast)
PT (Hair doesn't do well with too much so use a gel with protein once in a while or Mane and Tail CO caution as my hair is quite coarse in some parts)
Leave in product: I'm never faithful but will list in siggy
LOC method? The moisture is awesome but it doesn't make up for the lack of definition maybe as it gets long I could go back?
Others (plz specify):
Leave it alone; don't restyle over and over and over and over; if you put it in a rubberband it ain't comin' down whether its ugly or not. Leaving it down in its natural state=ideal.

Try to resist the urge to always get it out of your face; use clips to secure loosely and omit the rubberbanding if you can.

DO NOT TOUCH during drying process (you always do though)

A watched pot never boils.

Let's start the journey.
*Current Routine*
CO/CW: CJ Daily Fix, GR Restorative, SM RSB, SM SFC
DC: SM, CJ Rehab, G.Nutrafix, DIY
Sealers: an oil, JC N&S
Stylers: just CO, CJ CIAB, KCCC, aloe gel, FSG
Once in a while: ACV, Lemon-Aid

Oils to seal, rinse, and/or pre-poo as needed

2c/3a/3b coarse, normal porosity
CG since 2007