I'm finishing up my Master in Arts Administration and looking for a non-profit job doesn't have to be arts related at this point but every job I'm seeing is asking for 3-5 years experience. I really don't understand how I can get that when I'm just starting out.
Do I have to get with a company any way I can and then kind of get promoted into it? Internship my way into it? I'm really at a loss on what kind of things I should be doing. I've done some intersnhsips but some of the people I'm going to school with already have Development Director positions and I'm curious how they got into it.
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I have this problem too. I have a Master in Project Management and I have yet to see an ad that doesn't require 5+ years experience. I went on 1 interview and when I told the guy I had a masters but no experiece the guy says annoyed "that is academic, what about real life?"

Seriously, I don't know that the masters is worth it since the only way to get to get the job is getting promoted.