i spanked all my children. My 11 got her last spanking at about 8. My oldest (16( got his last one at 12 -feeling his manhood and all that) my babies (4 and 5) get spanked occasionally. they all have very high selfesteem and are confident in their places in the world. we encourage free speech but not disrespectful speech to the dismay of my old school mother. They arent cowered or afraid. You would just have to spend time with us to see how they are. When i do something they dont like they tell me about it. Doesnt mean the outcome will change but if they feel better letting me know, then thats okay.

spanking is different than abuse
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My son let's me know when I do or say something wrong too...and he's 3!
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if they can feel comfortable telling us what we do that they dont like, then how intimidated and afraid can they be?