@KauaiMareCurl I love your hair. That is all I have to say. Your grey is gorgeous. I don't ever want to dye my hair and the grey curlies on here are so beautiful.
I love love love it.

And if you don't mind me what does your tattoo mean? I'm sorry I am quite nosey.

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Originally Posted by bringingcurliesback?
Thanks, you are so sweet! I don't dye because I am so incredibly lazy. This CG method is wonderful for my laziness, since I'm now finding I can go 3 days without having to wash and I am now going 4-5 months between trims.

The tattoo is for my family and they are what anchor me into this world. I have a honu (Hawaiian green sea turtle), a Hawaiian monk seal, my daughters shortened names, my parents initials, and my brother's nickname.

You have FAB hair, my dear!