So I dropped a full bottle of perfume on my bathroom floor which shattered into a billion pieces and took 45 min to clean up. That was lovely. It was my D&G, too. I had been out for months and just gotten it two weeks ago. That was depressing.

I am ready to scream right now. Nephews are opening and closing the bedroom and bathroom doors over and over and over. Strange children. They spend day in and day out eating fast food and junk food, or something they can easily dump on a plate, come here for thanks giving, and one only ate broccoli (which is a new kick for him and a good one but not when you don't eat other things with it) while the other had a roll and 2 bites of ham. They won't try things (most kids start growing out of that between 8 & 10 but I meet more and more that are well in their teens and still refuse to try anything out of their normal), and Sam is way more withdrawn this time. He stood in the corner during the entire 1.5 hour Muppet show and rocked back and forth. I wish they would do something. I'm happy they at least had a doctor discuss part of his other problems with him. You can't keep your teenager in the dark about a heart condition. They can't keep him in the dark about Autism forever either. The plans my SIL had to never fully discuss it or allow it in medical records in hopes that it would not have a negative impact on his future was f**king stupid. He had to go on meds soon after. You can't pretend it doesn't exist, and it won't go away.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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