Regardless of what I do in my home, though, I think that every parent has the right to make the decision for themselves as to whether to spank, and for what reasons. Abuse should not be tolerated, though.
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But spanking IS abuse.

People who spank seem always to be people who were spanked/abused as children. I think we owe it to our children to stop the cycle. There are far better ways to achieve the same goals in raising our children.

I agree totally and empathize with what medussa wrote:
It teaches your child that you can overpower them just because you're bigger. Plus, it sends a mixed message. How can a parent teach a child not to solve problems by hitting, when the parent is hitting them? This is my fundamental problem with spanking. But it is very difficult to unlearn what I learned growing up. I have to work very hard at it.
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