Welcome to all girls who've joined the challenge


How is it going so far?


Not joining in (my hair is the length I want it now, and I just trimmed aout 3 inches in October, cause it was TOO long), but a question:

I know hair growth rates vary, from person to person, health status, etc, but if the average human hair growth rate is 1/2 inch per month, how is 1 inch per month feasible? (Barring any sort of hormonal manipulation of prescription drugs?)

I'm glad that you are currently at a length that gives you satisfaction..

This challenge is designed to help girls achieve their hair goals, but not to make them feel sad if they do not achieve one complete inch per month. The majority will, I expect, experience an added increase in the length of their hair. And this should be great even if it isn't one whole inch by the end of the month.

And 1 inch/month is indeed not impossible. In addition to the fact that many people normally grow 1 inch or more/month, there are ways that are supposed to help increase someone's usual growth rate, as mentioned above in the challenge rules, these include improving one's diet to eliminate any vitamin or trace element deficiency, plus multivitamin supplements are known to help with growth rates.

There are studies that showed an increase in growth rate with scalp massage (increasing scalp blood flow) specially with the use of certain oils that seem to have a stimulatory effect of their own (e.g. castor oil and rosemary oil)

You must have also heard of the inversion method that has recently been claimed to add one inch of growth per one week for certain individuals.

Other treatments that enhance growth include biotin, msm, etc. These are safe, usually approved by physicians and dieticians and usually have minimal side-effects, if any.

The other half of the challenge is about retaining the new growth. This is a very important aspect as well. Hair grows all the time no doubt but many people experience no noticeable growth because their ends are always splitting and breaking off. We aim to help with this too by emphasizing moisture and gentle treatment of the hair.

The challenge, as Sixelamy stated above, is mainly about encouraging people to take perfect care of their hair so as to achieve the maximum they can. So when we say "1 inch" we are raising the bar so as to make it a real CHALLENGE that pushes people to do their BEST.

I hope that this explanation encourages those who are still hesitant to join us