^^ Oh no! Sorry, Starmie.

My SIL was worrying about their christmas gift situation the other day. The 13 yo asked for a smart phone, and he is getting one. $400. The 11 year old asked for a bike and a blue billion other things. They got t. $400. She was worried that the oldest would not understand when they wake up to one gift for him, and many for his little brother. I said, if he doesn't, it will be a good opportunity to learn. I know his little brother will be running around saying... Yes!!! They love me more than they love you. Just look around. Lol. Sometimes fair does not look balanced.

That made me think about my Christmases, too. Last night when I was looking at Buzzfeeds I was feeling bad for parents. I could have gotten almost every toy on that list, plus a cabbage patch, for $100. Most of that stuff was 50 cents (erasers) to $5. *I bought my She-Ra: Princess of Power dolls with my allowance, thank you* Cabbage Patches were outrageous ranging from $40-$50. I think the most expensive thing I ever got, and it was all I got, was a large keyboard and amplifier. My dad knew the women who owned the music store well, gave lessons there, and got discounts though. I was hitting the salsa button and grooving some parlor music. Lol

And in other random thoughts inspired by Buzzfeed. I had to take a refresher on how to make friendship bracelets. I can't believe I forgot. I made enough to last a lifetime and did send them to pen pals, on poochie stamped paper, and give them to people.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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