So, I went to have my snow tires put on, and my oil changed this morning. The lady who runs the shop is allergic to dogs, so I left Mia at home. Afterward, I drove home to get her, since we always run errands together, and I missed her (she'd looked sad when I crated her, too).

My shopping complete, I went to put on my seatbelt, and found when I looked down that she'd completely chewed the release mechanism for the passenger seatbelt. Like a fool, like an idiot, I decided to test it, to see if it still worked. I did this by fastening my own seatbelt to the other mechanism. And then, of course, it got stuck.

After another trip to the mechanic, and a lot of foul language (mine), I was freed. Now I am really mad at Mrs. Beasley (her newest nickname). Really mad. Really, really mad. She had a rawhide available, plus other treats, the whole time.

Someone will not be sleeping with the pack tonight. And I mean it!


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