I didn't like tea in my teens and early 20s until someone gave me some peppermint tea. I now drink lots of different teas but never "normal" tea with milk.

So if you like mint try peppermint, spearmint or mixed mint tea. You can have them as strong or as weak as you like and they have the advantage you don't need to add sugar.

Another good tea is jasmine tea. Though it's got a delicate favour so you would need to drink it a few times before getting use to it.

Orange and lemon teas smell really nice but some people find they don't taste as nice as they smell.

I would also stay away from rooibos teas to start with as they have a strong favour which lots of people find bitter.

The general fruit and herb teas are sold in lots of shops plus it's easy to make some herb teas like mint yourself if you have a garden or window will to grow the plants on.

Black teas are really strong so I tend to avoid mixes with it in.

You can get white and green tea mixes with cinnamon, other herbs and spices which you don't need milk or sugar in. I suggest you go to a specialist tea shop to purchase these.