PS- When it comes to the cruelty issue... From my understand the bird has been common food for years. Basically like chicken here (not taste wise, but food availability wise). The oil extraction/rendering has always been a side part of that process. I am a meat eater and appreciate it when people do not waste or kill for one part of the animal, so that does not bother me. Some do claim to have a cruelty free EMU oil, but it just assures that the animal was used for food and no part was wasted. I had never heard of them being strictly killed for oil and discarded, but it would not surprise me if some did that.

I didn't know what to think when I tried it. It really does not have a scent and is an off white color. It reminds you of any other oil. It's not a regular purchase of mine, but if I have a serious reaction, it's what I go for (if available).

ETA: 250 oz of oil comes from one bird. Ranchers who raise them for the meat, extract the oil, but do advise people research the brand. Some are cut with canola or soybean oil. The majority of bottles I have seen are 0.5 oz to 1 oz. My former local herbal pharmacists (forced out of business due to newer regulations on herbal meds and moved to Canada) carried around 2 bottles of a good brand. Random Factoid, the oil was used for lamp fuel by early settlers in Australia.
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