I henna weekly, on my roots only, in those areas that have whites. But I've had some people scare me saying that they have more shedding when they henna because of the weight of the henna, and the manipulation. Do you all find that to be true???? I hope not, because I like doing it that often. Just wondering on your experiences.
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It's been about three months since I last henna'd but previous to that, I was doing henna every two weeks to cover gray roots (only) as well.

I have to admit that I did notice some thinning along my front hair line where the gray is the most numerous and where I would have the heaviest application of henna, so be careful. I did feel there was a connection between the amount of manipulation I was exposing my roots to plus the heaviness of the henna and the thinning hairline; I cannot lie. There was way more shedding than previously when I had henna'd only once a month. My hair strands loved henna but you can overdo anything. And looking back, I have questions about whether my scalp and hair follicles were in love with it.

Like I said, it's been three months since my last henna so my hair has filled back in along the edges where it was thinning before which I am very happy to see. Maybe try to cut back on how often you henna and in the meantime, you can style your hair in ways that hide the gray in between applications of henna? Maybe try and increase your time between applications to once a month...

Just be careful because there may be something to what you heard/read as I am a living, breathing example.
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