Hi everyone! My name is April and I have EVIL hair type 2C but its much much more than that. For me my hair is a constant battle and has been for 7 years. I have done everything i can afford (literally) I have gone to salons, i have used beer, mayo, honey, avacodo, eggs, wen, all tresseme curly line, i have tried to use the instyler with much succsess until the next day, i have used all kinds of oils, serums, leave in conditioners, mousse, gel, I have done an "in-home salon" relaxer.... worst idea ever! now my hair it back to normal and its curly and wavy and frizzy and poufy and reallly mean. dont get me wrong, when i do it right or when it wants to- it looks pretty awesome. but thats a rarity. I get alot of comments on my hair, i honestly dont see it. we have a kinda love hate relationship- sometimes i look at it and im all wow my hair looks really pretty today! one hour later.... AHHHHHH! BUN TIME! right now it looks awesome its being nice and let me style it but it put up a good fight (an exhasting 2 hour fight with hairspray and curl cream and oil) Is there anyone like me? with hair like me? I guess im here because i want to love my hair.