I was cut by wonderful stylist named Liz. The total cut and styling came out to $130 before tip. The after result was nothing to write home about so I'm not going to post an after pic. I actually prefer my styling with a simple Shea Moisture milk and ecostyler gel.

I told Liz I was "curly girl" so she used a shampoo without sulfates. However, the conditioner, gel, pomade and styling mist all contained at least one silicone. What's worse is that pretty much every product contained a protein. The last time I got a cut here my hair was so light that I could literally feel the spirals bouncing with each step. There was none of that this time.

If I could go back and do it over, I would go to Devachan because their products are more curly girl friendly.
Day 1 of Curly Girl method: 10/5/13
3b Mostly Normal Porosity. Medium Density, Fine to Medium Width, Medium Texture.
SM Y&B TS and Condish. Ecostyler with Argan oil gel.
Daughter: Long frizzy Swavy 2a turned Wavy Curvy 2B - thanks to Devachan, Low Porosity, Medium Texture, High Density