I found a great steal on Etsy for low-poo bars by BoBeam (her name is Laquita). They're all natural and have no sulfates in them. They've gotten really good reviews: Most people have said they're not stripping at all and even make your hair soft. I don't know how they would work on us LP people, since most of the reviews have been written by people with med-high porous people. For a 3.85 oz bar, it's $5, and for a 5.82 oz bar, it's $6.50. Not bad, in my opinion. I've also heard they last a really long time.

I just bought the honey & oats one. The ingredients seem pretty sweet: saponified vegetable oils (mainly coconut oil), glycerine kosher (of vegetable origin), honey, purified water, sorbital moisturizer (made from berries), sorbitan oleate (an emulsifier), soybean protein (a conditioner), and oatmeal. It might be a problem for people that are protein-sensitive, but I don't think it would be as big of a deal since it's a low-poo that gets completely washed out. I can't give my personal experience with them yet because they haven't arrived in the mail yet, but I'll let y'all know how they work as a low-poo.
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