I tried using a hair pic & had major split ends. But not I use a denman brush & love it. Also try using the denman brush to distribute your cowash & leave in conditioner. This will help define your curls & once you out in the gel or custard of choice keep down frizz.
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@curliscious13- I don't use my pic often but I haven't noticed split ends from it. I only use mine on my roots though- I try to stay within an inch or two area from my scalp just enough to lift the roots up and away. Thanks for the heads up!

I will admit that my Denman leaves my dried hair smaller than finger detangling/styling does. I hate that effect the most while my hair is wet bc I already tend to have a lot of scalp showing and that makes it worse. :/ I may have to revisit trying it when my hair is longer though. Right now the length varies from 3-5 inches but havent tried it again; when I tried denman styling my hair was 5-7 inches long.

@ansleybirch13 have you had any success since your first post?

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